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We are your trusted partner for comprehensive portable internet solutions that excel in even the most demanding environments.

We understand the diverse needs of your events, festivals, trade shows, and more, which is why we offer a wide range of services to ensure seamless connectivity.

Our expertise shines when it comes to covering large areas with high-speed, reliable internet access. We can leverage multiple cellular connections to create a robust network that blankets your event space, providing participants with uninterrupted online access when traditional cable or fiber solutions are unavailable. 

For cutting-edge connectivity, we also offer Starlink kits, harnessing the power of satellite technology to bring internet access to locations where traditional networks, including cellular, fall short. Our Starlink solutions are a game-changer for remote events, ensuring a fast and dependable connection.

Whether you require seamless connections between various event locations, seek to establish a reliable point-to-point communication channel directly from your home office, or are looking to implement Private LTE solutions, our offerings are designed to meet your unique requirements




This custom-equipped mobile unit is a testament to our commitment to excellence in live event production. Inside this versatile trailer, we house an array of cutting-edge broadcast equipment that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project. Whether you need high-quality cameras, advanced audiovisual capabilities, or sophisticated broadcasting solutions, our mobile production trailer is a fully adaptable powerhouse ready to deliver top-tier production values. With this mobile unit at your disposal, you can ensure that every aspect of your event receives the attention to detail it deserves


  • Blackmagic Constellation 8K

  • 40 HD-SDI Inputs 

  • 28 HD-SDI Outputs

  • 4 M/E's

  • 4 MultiViews

  • 2 SuperSource 

  • 4 DVE's

  • 2 Sony 50" MultiView Monitors

  • 2 M/E Control Surface

  • Management Network 

  • Primary and Secondary DANTE Network

  • Client Wireless Network

  • 6 URSA Broadcast SMPTE Fiber Cameras

  • NewBlue Titler Live 2 Channels Graphics

  • 6 Channels of HD Replay

  • Canon PTZ Cameras & Controller 

  • Panasonic PTZ Cameras & Controllers

  • Remote Network Switches

  • LiveU Equipment

  • Standard Cable Packages

  • Standard Fiber Packages

  • Standard SMPTE Fiber Packages

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