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Our track camera systems are designed to provide reliable, precision camera coverage for various events, including conferences, live sporting events, and concerts. We offer two distinct systems to suit different requirements: one for smaller payloads and another for larger payloads with extended run times. Whether you need simple straight-line shots or dynamic curved movements, our track cameras deliver flexibility and dependable performance to enhance your event coverage. With Extreme Angles track camera solutions, you can count on professional-grade equipment that ensures your events are captured accurately and professionally.



  • 14V DTAP

  • 24V LEMO

  • 48V LEMO

  • Long Range 915Mhz Control Link

  • IP Control Available 

  • Single Operator 

  • Mitchell Mount

  • Digital End Points 

  • Speeds up to 30mph


  • Long Range 915Mhz Control Link

  • Single Operator 

  • Rapid Deployment

  • Digital End Points

  • 14V and 24V LEMO Outputs

  • Up To 7' Lens Height w/ Riser

  • 35 LBS Max Payload

  • Truss Mount

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