The Dactylcam Pro system is built to allow complete flexibility when using a wide range of stabilization and camera packages. The system is equipped with multiple voltage outputs: 48v, 24v, and 14v for payload and accessory power, allowing for longer run times without adding additional batteries and weight to the system. 


Capable of carrying up to 150 LBS with speeds of 40 MPH, the system has the ability to operate without restriction in some of the most demanding environments. 


The system has a typical run time, exceeding 8 hours, taking away the constant need for changing batteries. 


Multiple control options are available, preventing problems in congested RF conditions. 


Multiple safe guards are deployed with the system to allow reliability but also to allow system operation with little risk. Secondary lines, rigging backups, start / stop points and experienced operators allow this to be a primary solution for over audience shots and camera movement that is restricted or in high risk environments. 

Common Payloads


Newton S2

Shotover G1


Movi Pro

Ronin 2

EX Cameras